I recently read an article by David H. Lawrence XVII about something called the "elevator pitch". I'd originally heard of the concept back in 2007, when raising money for an independent film I was producing. A decade later, I still haven't come up with mine. Not too surprising.

So, what's an elevator pitch?

It's that something short and sweet you might say to describe your brand or pitch an idea in the time it takes to get on and off of an elevator. "But I'm a VO artist," you might say, "I talk for a living!" Or hope to. And therein rests the problem.

No one knows you better than you, right? So why do so many of us struggle with something so simple? In school they told us to write twenty page research papers and we cried. Now, when someone says "tell me about yourself in a few sentences...you have sixty seconds", we balk. We choke. Or worse yet, we try to say too much too fast but say nothing at all about our brand or idea.

David got me thinking. And since I'm meeting him in person for the first time tomorrow night, now seems the perfect time to solve this riddle. After all, your elevator pitch won't change much once you nail it. And he might ask.

The pressure's on. But can I really get away with...

"I'm an enigma wrapped in a law degree wrapped in the boy next door. My gift is the ability to connect with an audience despite a dislike for preparation. This was evident during my uncle's last minute eulogy and has served me well on stage, in customer service and doing voice over work. I'm an interpersonal storyteller. Show me a microphone or podium and I'll show you my soul. I haven't figured out my whole story yet but I will feel at home telling yours."

Too long? lol

What's your elevator pitch?

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